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    DS1402-RP3 iButton Probe 3ft Cable Reader

    ฿ 750.00

    The DS1402 series of 1-Wire network cables provides connectivity to any USB, serial, or parallel port 1-Wire adapter.

    Both the iButton probe cables and the Blue Dot receptor cables can touch any iButton, but can only hold the F5 version iButtons.

    The DS1402-BR8+ is an extension cable for the DS1401 iButton Holder.

    The DS1402-RC3+ connects to the DS1922F. Applications of the DS1402-series 1-Wire network cables range from software protection and access control to asset management and thermal monitoring through handheld computers

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    DS9490R USB to 1-Wire/iButton Adapter

    ฿ 1,550.00

    The DS9490B is a USB bridge and holder for a single F5-size iButton®.

    The iButton is securely held behind a latched door.

    The DS9490R is a USB bridge with 1-Wire® RJ11 interface to accommodate 1-Wire receptacles and networks.

    For a list of suitable 1-Wire network cables, refer to the Connectivity Matrix table in the DS1402x 1-Wire network cables data sheet.

    Both adapters are based on the DS2490 USB-to-1-Wire bridge chip.

    Free software drivers for Windows®-based PCs can be downloaded from www.maximintegrated.com/1-Wiredrivers.

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    i-Plug PDF single use, 8KB memory -40°C / 65°C

    ฿ 990.00

    • Single Temperature data logger.

    • Self generates a pdf temperature report once connected to a computer

    • Traceable accuracy certificate

    • Multiple alarms feature

    • Customizable trip duration (90 days as a standard for the single use)

    • SWITRACE online free track & trace

    Technical Datasheet

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    iButton Thermochron DS1921G Temperature logger 2KB memory -40°C / 85°C

    ฿ 2,050.00

    The Thermochron® iButton® device (DS1921G) is a rugged, self-sufficient system that measures temperature and records the result in a protected memory section. The recording is done at a user-defined rate, both as a direct storage of temperature values as well as in the form of a histogram. Up to 2048 temperature values taken at equidistant intervals ranging from 1 to 255min can be stored. The histogram provides 63 data bins with a resolution of 2.0°C. If the temperature leaves a user-programmable range, the DS1921G also records when this happened, for how long the temperature stayed outside the permitted range, and if the temperature was too high or too low. An additional 512 bytes of battery-backed SRAM allow storing information pertaining to the object to which the DS1921G is associated. Data is transferred serially through the 1-Wire® protocol, which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. Every DS1921G is factory lasered with a guaranteed unique, electrically readable, 64-bit registration number that allows for absolute traceability. The durable stainless steel package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Accessories permit the DS1921G to be mounted on almost any object including containers, pallets, and bags.

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    In-Transit 60-DAY Strip chart recorder -28°C / 38°C

    ฿ 450.00

    Highly reliable battery powered time and temperature recorder. It generates a permanent strip-chart record of temperature conditions during storage or transportation of temperature sensitive products. Available in 10, 30, 60, and 90 day duration models, the unit is easily activated by simply removing a start tab (note clear tab with red arrow in images). The unit is then sealed up and placed at the desired monitoring location. At destination or at the end of the recording episode, the chart is removed from the recorder and the temperature history is reviewed. Temperature vs. time is clearly graphed on a narrow strip of pressure-sensitive paper.The clear view port confirms running after the start strip is pulled. Carbon copy evidence of the trip is provided by the integral form on the recorder

    This unit is distinguished by superior features:

    • External start strip and verification window

    • Fully hinged construction with a robust latch

    • Small enough for more efficient use of packing space in shipping

    • Heavy walled for better resistance to damage

    • Tamperproof security seal

    • Large adhesive tape on unit to better adhere unit during use

    • Bar code serial number on all copies of the information form

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    T-ENV Environmental Temperature and Humidity sensor T: -40°C / 85°C H: 0% / 100%

    ฿ 4,700.00

    • High accuracy ±3% Relative Humidity Readings.

    • Uses 1-Wire communication protocol.

    • Globally unique 64-Bit serial number.

    • Updates temperature data every 2 seconds.

    • Updates relative humidity, dew point, humidex, and heat index readings every second.

    • Optional Latching Relay may be controlled independently or change due to alarm status.

    Applications include thermostatic controls, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers, or any thermally sensitive system

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    T-NET2 TRACKING-BOX IoT enabler -Ethernet to 1-Wire interface-

    ฿ 11,000.00

    • Ethernet and WiFi variations available

    • Real-Time Graphing and Logging through Web Browsers.

    • Manages concurrent client connections safely and reliably.

    • 3 separate 1-Wire networks providing robust communication.

    • Automatically provides smart strong-pull-up for 1-Wire sensors.

    • Fast WiFi network configuration over micro USB.

    • Reports the 1-Wire network connected to each device.

    • Automatic short detection on 1-Wire networks.

    • 1-Wire MicroLan capacity of 1000 feet of cable.

    • ESD Protection more than 27kV (IEC801-2 Reference Model.) on the 1-Wire bus.

    • LED indicators for Ethernet link/activity, power, and 1-Wire activity.

    • Easy Installation • ABS enclosure. The T-NET2 is an inexpensive Ethernet/WiFi to 1-Wire interface that is designed to efficiently monitor and control 1-Wire devices. The T-NET2 will allow you to use industry standard Ethernet or WiFi products (switches, hubs, etc.) to build the backbone of your 1-Wire based sensor / control system.

    This provides several important benefits: First, 1-Wire networks can be easily distributed over great distances without having to deal with the challenges associated with the installation of physically large 1-Wire networks. By distributing the 1-Wire networks, the individual 1-Wire MicroLans can be kept to a smaller physical size, thereby improving responsiveness/reliability and decreasing installation costs.

    Second, since the T-NET2 communicates over standard Ethernet/WiFi, you can take advantage of existing corporate LANs, WLAN, the Internet, and in-house MIS expertise for building out and maintaining the backbone of your sensor network.

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    T-TEMP Temperature probe DS18B20 with RJ12 -55°C / 125°C

    ฿ 2,200.00

    The sensor is equipped with a DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensor embedded into the probe. In manufacturing the temperature probe a special process is used which insures the internal sensor is thermally coupled to the steel tube wall; this helps insure rapid thermal response to changing conditions. The probe is designed to make the installation process as fast and error free as possible. It is the first 1-Wire probe to automatically identify whether external power is being supplied to the VDD pin and then configure the sensor appropriately. Furthermore, it is terminated with a RJ12 plug which commonly makes installation much easier. The probe is directly compatible with all Embedded Data Systems and Maxim 1-Wire bus masters, as well as our OneSix server software and the freely available TMEX drivers.

    For complete documentation on the embedded DS18B20 sensor, please refer to the manufacturer’s spec sheet available at http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS18B20.pdf.

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