1. Introduction
a. Company History

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. Established in September 2016 by a team of engineers and trader of international technologies in Thailand since 2005
Over the years, we have developed specialised skills in the temperature measurement and cold chain packaging, and we take great pride in offering:

– High quality products

– Affordable prices.

– Customer assistance

– Service and repairs

Among our customers are:

– Hospitals for use in pharmacy and kitchen cool rooms

– Retail Stores for chillers and freezers

Logistics for perishable produce to ensure product quality

OEM for integration

b. What the company does

The company is providing the following services:

– IoT Software development

– Distribution of quality products and supply service which without exception meet customer and regulatory specifications

– Consultancy


2. Strategy
a. Vision statement

Today’s business uncertainties are real and it might affect result of International companies who are seeking to explore and penetrate new markets as Thailand or AEAN Cold chain is needed to insure the integrity of perishable goods. We are providing added value solution to be equipped to our customer’s assets, resulting in eco-sustainability with less damage goods.

b. Mission statement

We are looking for to enlarge our presence in the region and become the supplier of choice for our customers.

3. Business concept
a. Products

Our 2 main lines of product are 1) Asset tracking and 2) ColdChain Packaging and Monitoring. We believe these two-product range are complementary to optimize perishable goods lifetime.

b. Services

IoT Software development and consultancy

c. Business competitiveness

Thanks to our strong experience in the past 12 years in Thailand we are capable to listen and understand our customers and provide suitable solutions at competitive price

d. Quality policy & objectives

All main parts of our hardware are imported from USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia, compliant with origin country standards

e. Value chain

From foreign hardware manufacturers to local end users, JBCT is able to select, import, store, install and train using local language the systems on customer’ chosen site.